Brilliant day- A must do in Vanuatu! In Mid Jan we went on the Lelepa day tour. It was one of the best experiences we had in Vanuatu. The tour was well run and organised. Our hosts Bradley, Gidley and Rubin were very knowledgeable and friendly. During the tour we were taken to 2 places to view the most vivid coral and fish. We also, fed the fish. What made it even better was that our tour group (of 5) were the only people snorkelling and enjoying this magic. After snorkelling we visited the cave that had culturally significant paintings and Bradley told stories of how the locals would retreat into the cave when cyclones hit the island. We then walked a little further to the village and were shown how the locals live and the children sang songs. There were local crafts on display to purchase. Each purchase helps the islanders run and operate the island. Making our way back to the main island we passed over a sunken plane. As the water is so clear you can see the whole plane just lying peacefully as the bottom of the shallow ocean. We could not thank our hosts enough for the hospitality and friendliness towards us. The insights about village life in Vanuatu was something we will never forget. 5 Star

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